Terms and Terminologies

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•Diuretic: it includes caffeinated drinks ( tea, cofee, soda) and alcohol. These are drinks that heighten your energy and excitements for a short period of time. It can leave you wanting and desiring more once this period of heightened energy is over.
This drinks can do good to your body when consumed moderately but will harm you if you drink them in excess.

• Binge- binge or bingeing is any behaviour that involves induction in excessive activities such as eating, drinking and injection of drugs. It could involve one of the following:

* binge eating- this is the symptom of eating large amount of food over a short period of time.

* binge drinking- this occurs when large sum of alcohol or win is consumed in a short period of time.

* drug binging- it involves the injestion of large sum of drug in a short period of time.

• The atkins diet - the atkins diet is a popular diet developed by (-).

Low-carb diet - coming soon. Sorry for that