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Note: this post is a little long, so I have decided to devide it into two post. This is the first part of the post.

Have you ever wondered if there are benefits to shedding that extra pounds?. Have you ever ask yourself if there is any underlying benefits to losing weight and gaining that ideal weight you have dreamt of?. Read on as I have some secrets I want to reveal to you that you might not have seen before.

Most people who are overweight and obese ( very overweight) suffer from inferiority complex. They are depressed as a result of their obese state.

Low self esteem, lack of confidence and the decrease in positive body image has plagued many individuals as a result of their condition ( being obese and overweight).

The cause of these problems is not being overweight in the proper sense of the word. A person who is not over weight can also develop these symptoms...

So it is probably wrong to think that these problems ( such as poor body image, lack of confidence, inferiority complex) can be reverted if you lose certain amount of weight. You can lose weight and gain the ideal body weight that you have always dreamt of, but this will not solve these symptoms- and others like them - for you.

If you have or know anyone that have these symptoms, you should look for ways to solve them and not attribute them to being overweight. You can get a self development expert to help you with these symptoms so that you can overcome them.

I know you would be thinking by now what I'm talking about and how it relates to our subject of discussion here.

Yes, you are right!... But I need to warn you about the wrong impression that some people have such as those describe above. People who are overweight do live a much more fulfilling life than even those who claim to have the ideal body weight.

The risk associated with being obese may include development of various diabetic diseases especially type 2 diabetic and cardiovascular diseases. Because of this, individual who are obese needs to lose a moderate amount of weight to prevent the occurrenc of these diseases.

But some individuals are afraid of losing weight as a result of being duped before by those advertising weight loss diets that don't work. Some are sceptical about losing weight as a result of misinformation.

For those who need motivation and are entertaining the thought of losing weight, we have compiled decent number of benefits associated with losing weight and other advices to keep them going and help them make the right decision.


First of all, the amount of weight that each individual need to lose depend on the body size, the level of weight, the amount of fat present in the body, the eating habit and the lifestyle of the individual.

There are individuals who are already overweight and eat lesser food than most people. The fact that these individuals eat less do not make them to lose weight. Now consider some other individuals who are slim and consume much more food than the first set of people, yet they do not gain additional weight than they already have.

You should also know that your weight is not as important as the amount of fat in your body. An example of this is given below:

• A body-builder who has gained a heavy muscle as a result of various activities that he/she has engaged in may have the same BMI ( body mass index) with a an ordinary person who is overweight.
So the heavy muscle do no mean that the person is overweight.

The generally accepted way is to use( body mass index) and waist measurement to calculate your weight.
( Note: I will write a separate post on how to calculate your with body mass index (BMI) and waist measurement (WM) and will be linked to from here. Once it has been posted, you will not see this message again. Thank you for your patient...)

If you have a body weight of say 80kg, it is recommended that you lose 10-15kg, as suggested by the result of an recent research.

If you read my blog occasionally, you will know I only recommend research findings that will benefit you, but I would point out what you needed to do.

In this case, I will advice you to be careful when trying to lose weight. There are different recommendations out there. Most of them will not help you lose weight. It is you that can lose your weight. You know what your body want.

You know the perfect body weight that you want. You should be able to know when you have seen the recommendation on weight loss that will give you your ideal body image.


Along the way, as you take the journey to achieving your perfect body image, you will constantly feel de motivated, experience fatigue and become tired occasionally.

You might even feel lonely and ask yourself if losing weight worth the time spent on it the process involved. This is why this post is written for you to keep you motivated and revert the feelings of loneliness.

Some people are motivated when they joined others who are also trying to lose weight. They are happy that others too are interested in what they do.

I will halt here for now and leave you to digest what you have just read. I do this to prevent information over load. I promise you that the next post will be very interesting. So stay tuned.

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