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This is the second instalment of the two part series of posts on the health benefits of weight loss. Continuation of the previous post:

Some people are reported to have been supported and motivated by their doctors who offer occasional advice and guides to keep them motivated and continue with their quest of losing weight.

You can adopt one of the above examples to keep you motivated. You can also go out daily with friends and family to interesting place such as going on a picnic or seeing your long seen friends so as to be busy and keep the worry and stress associated with losing weight out of mind.


As has been mentioned in the title and first paragraph of this post these are the notable benefits of losing weight:

• Losing weight requires consistent determination, motivation and the strong desire to keep going.

When you are determined, you develop the proper mind set to achieve what you want to achieve no matter what setback or difficulties you face. Motivation keeps you strong, far-sighted about your goal and helps you develop a strong desire for your goal.

• When you lose weight, you will experience increase in energy and body image. If you are overweight, you will constantly experience tiredness and fatigue. This will make you to be buggled down whenever you want to do something that is important to you...

The experience of feeling tiredness and laziness will seize when there is an increase in your energy level because you will be able to achieve more and reduce procrastination.

• One of the benefits that comes with losing weight is decrease in the use of drugs prescribed by your doctor or medical practisional. Being overweight increases the risks of developing a number of diseases such as type 2 diabetic and cardiovascular disease. Because of this, your doctor will provide different drugs for you so that you can minimize the risk associted with obesity.

We all know the stress that's involve in consuming a lot of different drugs daily. But losing weight and gaining a normal weight will help you to reduce or even stop your drug intake on daily bases.

• It has also been proven by research studies that losing a moderate amount of weight if you are overweight or obese lowers blood pressure. This helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

• Another study has shown that losing 5-10 percent of weight will have a positive effect on the metabolic and physical complication of obesity.

• It has been observed from individuals who have losed weight, the increase in the immune defence against high blood presure and coronary heart diseases.

• When you lose the proper amount of weight, you reduce the risk of knee ostheoarthritis. Being overweight excert stress on the knee which increases the risk of developing knee ostheoarthritis.

• Research studies have shown that substantial cases of diabetes could be prevented if you lose a moderate amount of weight.

• It has also been discovered that if you lose a moderate amount of weight, you could prevent a substantial number of cases of diabetes.

• If you occassionally lose your breath while you are doing the morning jug or climbing the steps, then losing weight will help you prevent this occurences. Imagine climbing the steps at the fast pace without haing to lose your breath. This is what losing weight can do for you.

If you are skeptical about losing weight to achieve your ideal body image, you should consider the benefits listed above and do it with determination


The information contained in this post applies only to those who are overweight and obese. It is not mearnt for those who have a normal weight.

The information on this post is not meant for recommendation purposes. It only serves an an educational tool to educate our readers. You should contact your doctor or medical practisional for more information.

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